What's New

10/26/98 : BDINews Electronic Newsletter!

B-DI announces publication of Behavior-Development-Individuality, a Newsletter for parents and professionals who deal with the "high maintenance" infant or child. Written by Kate Andersen, parent educator and expert on the difficult child, the monthly newsletter is aimed at parents and EIs (early interventionists).

B-D-I will cover a variety of topics related to temperament and practical information on coping with stressful interactions and helping others to cope. For a FREE trial newsletter, visit the Newsletter Information page.

Kate Andersen hosts the widely read 'Ask Kate' column on this website, which will now be added to the monthly BDINews.

6/11/98 : Meeting in Philadelphia to include Thomas, Chess, Carey and others!

The 1998 Occasional Temperament conference will be held in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. At this meeting, researchers and clinicians interested in the role of temperament in behavior and development will share new findings and progress in the field. Topics will include temperament constructs, temperament and ADHD, infant temperament, school age issues, life span/continutiy of temperament, and more. A link to the OTC web site is found on the temperament.com conferences page

1/28/98 : Free downloads!

Now the most popular pages at this website can be downloaded in .pdf format! These documents can be saved for later use, viewed offline, or printed for distribution. Included is information about temperament research, books about temperament, temperament faqs, etc. Also on the list are 1) a referral form for professionals who wish to try the B-DI Scoring and Report Service for infants and children, and 2) an order form for B-DI products. Just click on the download button! If you don't have Acrobat Reader to interpret .pdf files, a link on the page shows you where to get it FREE! Check downloads.html and see!

4/21/97 : In case you missed it!

B-DI has established a Graduate Student discount for Carey Temperament Scales materials purchased for thesis or dissertation research. See Graduate student discount page in the B-DI Online Catalog for details. Sorry, not available from commercial distributors, only orders sent directly to B-DI.