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5/15/99 B-DI and Y2K: CTS Version 4.2 Released!
Y2K ready! Last Version of DOS-based program. Diskette exchange offer!

Version 4.2 of the Carey Temperament Scales is now available. It includes 4 digit dating for birthdate and date of assessment, bug fixes and updated report formatting. Although not technically a Y2K problem since it doesn't use the computer's system date, all previous 2 digit date versions will give incorrect age parameters after the Millenium (starting on 01/01/2000). Version 4.2 corrects that problem, ensuring trouble-free use well into the next century.

Version 4.2 is the last DOS-based version of the CTS software, due to problems with Microsoft system software. As Microsoft has updated the Windows operating system, some changes have created incompatibilities which prevent use of the CTS software on some of the newer versions of Windows 95 and Windows 98. CTS Version 4.2 will run on all systems that currently run V4.1, but incompatibilities may still occur with newer Microsoft Operating System software. Since its introduction in 1996, tens of thousands of DOS-based CTS software uses have been sold. All users whose software now operates properly with the Microsoft software may want to take advantage of the diskette exchange program described below.

A totally new Windows-based version of the CTS software, Version 5.0, is being written to allow wider use of the program with PC systems. Release date is scheduled for early 2000. The current adult ATQ software_is_Windows-based and has no Y2K issues to resolve. Nor are there any reports of incompatibility of the ATQ software with any Microsoft operating system. Because of its similarity to the ATQ program, CTS Version 5.0 should eliminate any problems of compatibility with Windows.

In the meantime, owners of all current DOS-based CTS software may upgrade to Version 4.2 for only $49.95 per diskette (plus s&h), no matter where the original program was purchased or how many uses are left on the diskette!

The original diskette will be replaced with a fresh V4.2 diskette of the same type (e.g.,Report Writer, Profile Writer or Quickscore) and restored to the number of uses originally purchased. Users are reminded to remove all .txt files (including save.txt, which contains the data for the last protocol) before submitting diskettes, to preserve confidentiality of client names.

To participate in the diskette exchange program, simply mail your used diskette(s) with a check, purchase order or credit card information to :

B-DI,14636 North 55th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

Sorry, no phone or online orders will be taken! Email questions about this offer to bdi@temperament.com