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Discussion about temperament and discipline.
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Caring for the High Maintenance Child
By Kate Andersen.

Child who threatens/guilts.
May, 2018.
Dear Kate:
I am writing because of my relatives. They are two-faced. Or at least one of them is. My mother-in-law is .......
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 Service Providers:
In Canada
Kate Andersen, M.Ed.
Professional service providers

Parent educator in British Columbia, Canada. Kate is offering individual and group counseling and education to parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 12 years of age. She has special expertise in temperament challenges and in managing temperament-related behavior. Kate also has a great deal of knowledge about disabilities and chronic illnesses in children and adults. She also welcomes inquiries from parents and caregivers dealing with typical, everyday behavioral and emotional issues. Telephone: (604) 241-9855.

US Providers

Sean C. McDevitt, PhD
A child psychologist in the Phoenix/Paradise Valley areas using temperament assessment and parent guidance in addition to traditional practice techniques. Email:smcd@b-di.com. Information about services at 602-997-6635.
Ruth Jaeger, LCSW
An experienced temperament counselor, also offers individual, marital and family psychotherapy and consultation. 1330 Lincoln Avenue #307, San Rafael, CA 94901. Phone: 415-924-0122. Email: ruthjaegerlcsw@yahoo.com
The Temperament Program:
A temperament based community prevention program located in La Grande, Oregon. Offers individual and small group temperament counseling utilizing the psychoeducational curriculum developed by the program, Temperament Talk, experiential presentations and workshops for parents, professionals, schools and workplace. Contact Barb Zukin (541) 962-8835, Email: bzukin@chdinc.org or visit the following website: www.chdinc.org/temperament
The Preventive Ounce.
A parent education and anticipatory guidance program based on temperament principles in Oakland, California. James Cameron, PhD is the Executive Director. 510-658-8359.
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Temperament FAQs
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to some common questions about behavioral style.
Origins, impact on parenting, risk for behavioral issues, relationship to
ADHD, and other topics.
Goodness of Fit
Getting to know your child
How temperament is assessed.
Poor fit can lead to stress
and possibly emotional or behavioral problems
Getting help
When professional help is needed
There are qualified individuals
from several disciplines who counsel parents and children.
Books for parents
Spirited child?
Find out how to meet the challenge.
Learn how to identify and cope
with temperament traits in your child.