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Volume II
Volume I&II
The Temperament Guides by Kate Andersen
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TTG Volume I
Volume 1: Resources for
Early Intervention Professionals
"I find information about temperament to be the only useful thing I've heard. It is saying that everything you've read or tried might not work and that's the way it is with a difficult child. It's acknowledging that you're not crazy and there's not something wrong with your child. It gives you more understanding than anything else I've heard."

These are the real words of "Lorna", the mother of an active and inattentive three-and-a-half-year old boy. Lorna finally came across information about temperament after she had been seeking help with her child's behavior for over a year. There are millions of parents like Lorna seeking help with a challenging young child. If you are an early intervention professional working with parents like Lorna, you will know just how desperate they are for help. Now there is a program which has been especially developed for early interventionists so that you can help parents with a new and unique temperament and behavior guidance program.

The Temperament Guides: Resources for Early Intervention Professionals by Catherine J. Andersen, M.Ed., Early Interventionist Trainer and Co-Founder of The Temperament Project with a chapter on the assessment of temperament by Sean C. McDevitt, Ph.D. and a Foreword by William B. Carey MD
The Temperament Guides, Volume I Order # TTG : $29.95
324 pages, 40 reproducible parent education handouts.    
Volume I
Volume I&II
TTG Volume II
Volume 2: Activities for Early Intervention Professionals and Families
A follow-up to Kate Andersen's widely acclaimed Temperament Guides, this manual offers 70 activities for use with parents and young children! Each activity is designed to address a specific aspect of the parent-child relationship, facilitating the process of dealing with the child's individuality.

Are you one of the millions of parents who struggle with a child with challenging temperament traits? While temperament problems are not the only challenges that parents face, they are very common ones. Sadly, even though information about temperament has been available for over forty years, there are still too few parenting programs that deal with it. TTG2 remedies that problem by publishing a manual for early intervention professionals, a newsletter, and now, a workbook - The Temperament Guides, Volume 2 - Activities for Early Intervention Professionals and Families.

Although this workbook could help all parents of children between the ages of two and twelve, it is especially written for those who are raising a child with many challenging temperament traits. If you are one of those parents, chances are you've already searched quite far to find solutions. You may have scanned the parenting section in a bookstore and, seeing all the books out there, wondered where to begin. Now, here's yet another book. What's different about this one?

The author, Kate Andersen, a parent of three young adults, is the co-founder of a support organization for families of children with difficult temperaments, and an early intervention trainer. Kate's heard the stories of thousands of parents, developed and piloted parenting programs, and assisted families and teachers with children with a wide variety of behavioral and health problems.

The Temperament Guides, Volume II - Activities for Early Intervention Professionals and Families is a practical workbook to help parents understand and cope with the temperament of a two to twelve-year old child. It offers a step-by-step approach for learning new and positive ways of responding to temperament-related behavior and mild behavior problems. The principles and strategies in the workbook apply to any temperament profile. The workbook can be used as back-up material for families undertaking a program of individualized temperament guidance, such as that outlined in our first volume, The Temperament Guides: Resources for Early Intervention Professionals, or it can be used on a self-help basis by parents.The workbook is also very suitable for professionals who are seeking additional material to supplement the principles and practices outlined in the first volume.

Over 40 new exercises have been developed for this workbook. Exercises which match parent handouts in the first volume are marked TTG 1, followed by the number of the page on which they appear in that guide.
The Temperament Guides, Volume II Order # TTG : $19.95
221 pages, 71 reproducible activities.    
Volume I
Volume II
TTG Volume
TTG Volume
Volume 1 & 2: Materials for Early Intervention Professionals and Families
The Temperament Guides, Volume I & II Order # TTG : $49.95
Volume I has 324 pages, 40 reproducible parent education handouts. Volume II has 221 pages, 71 reproducible activities.
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