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Books for Professionals
Child Behavioral Assessment & Management in Primary Care: Second Editon
by William Carey and Sean McDevitt (2016)
The Temperament Guides by Kate Anderson
The Temperament Guides, Volume 1:
Resources for Early Intervention Professionals (2000)
The Temperament Guides, Volume 2:
Activities for Professionals and Families(2002)
The Temperament Guides: Two Volume Set
Coping with Children's Temperament: A Guide for Professionals
by William Carey and Sean McDevitt (1995)
The Temperament Perspective SORRY! OUT OF PRINT
by Jan Kristal (2005)
Books for Parents
Understanding Your Child's Temperament
by William Carey (hard cover)
Understanding Your Child's Temperament
by William Carey (new paperback edition)
Find a complete list of recommended books about temperament here.
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